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Chapter 288 of Book 3 is in the queue

July 18, 2014
Posted at 5:12 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

Deep Space

The Captain walked into the engine room and bellowed for the Chief Engineer, who muttered something under his breath, that would translate into English as, "Oh, shit." The Engineer, exasperated at the Captain's outbursts, continued to check out a half-assembled warp coil that persisted in returning incorrect readings. The four sub-engineers on duty suddenly had urgent business out of sight on the other side of the engine room.

When the Captain came up to him, the Chief Engineer spoke without getting up or turning around. "One week - maybe. And even then, we will have to stop several times while I continue to tune the coils, assuming you leave me alone long enough for me to build them." He stood to face his Captain. "We still need several pounds of rare elements that the replicators must have to finish making the parts. Putting me in charge of the mining operations has slowed the process even more."

The Chief Engineer knew the Captain was about to boil over because of what he thought was insubordination - and probably was - but the Engineer had reached the point that he didn't care anymore. Besides, the tiny weapon he held in his hand under his tunic, would end the conversation if the Captain touched his own weapon...

Have a goodun;