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March of the Rose is off to editing

July 16, 2014
Posted at 1:23 pm

Yes, yes it is true: Part 1, which consists of the prologue and the first 13 chapters, has been sent to my editor. When he has returned sufficent chapters to build up a queue then I will start submitting on a weekly schedule. I still need to finish Part 2 which has 3 chapters complete, 1 in progress, and probably not more than 2-4 left, as well as an epilogue.

Here is a trailer:

..."Aar-Mann. Gods, its hard to think of you as anything other than Aaron," Reg declared, shaking his head.

"I know what you mean," Mann nodded, waving his left arm back and forth. "Now more than ever. Being here brings back more of my memories as Aaron and it is slightly disturbing."

"Then go back to being Aaron Blackmoon or Whiterune for that matter," Karith replied and shrugged.

"You do not mind? After all, you gave me that name."

"As a means to identity yourself when you could not remember your own, which is now no longer the case. Whether you call yourself Aaron or Mann does not matter to me. I know you as both and really you are you no matter what you call yourself. Think of it as an alias that you no longer need."

"Well, that settles it," Reg chuckled. "Welcome back Aaron."

"Come, with that life altering matter dealt with, I wish to show you my home," Karith declared and smiled. "And then we can discuss why Reg thought it important to return four years later instead of one."

"I have been here before," Aaron countered. "To your lair, I mean."

"Yes, but I have not," Karith replied and grinned.

The two couples, led by Karith, ascended the path toward the blank wall, where she stopped and placed her hand, palm out, on the wall and closed her eyes. A few moments later she opened her eyes, frowned, and turned back toward Aaron.

"Aaron... I must say I do like the sound of that," Karith started and then commented. "Anyway, I cannot remove my wards. Something is wrong."

"Could it be because you set them as Tanith?" Aaron asked, stepping closer and reaching out with his power. "No, these were not crafted by Wyrm, whether Karith or Tanith for that matter. This Eldritch is strange, almost a mingling of Wyrm and... And me?"

"Tanith? The platinum Wyrm?" Melvina asked, interrupting Aaron's description. "I know of her. You are her?"

"Yes, in a matter of speaking," Karith replied. "I think the explanation could wait until this is resolved. Aaron can you gain entrance?"

"Yes, I can defeat them, but we must be careful," Aaron warned them. "We do not know what or who is on the other side."

"I do," Karith replied and sighed. "This was not how I wished to tell you, but circumstances force me to do it here and now. It would seem that Mistress Melvina is not the only one dropping important news on you. We have children, Aaron--Wyrm children."

"What? How?" Aaron asked, obviously shocked. "I do not understand."

"Tanith clutched two eggs four years ago in this time-line," Karith explained. "She...I...we never got an opportunity to tell you. It was right before what happened on Tarra."

"Four years ago?" Aaron asked, obviously confused. "I understand why we are here now, but why did you want to return a year after and not before they hatched?"

"Can that also wait until we get inside? If we can get in."

"So, you think one of our children has re-warded the opening?"

"Very likely," Karith replied. "We will need to act cautiously, they will be wary of anyone entering the lair."

"All right, how about this? I will remove the wards and you will lead us into the lair and alert them to our presence."

"I am fairly sure we are already alerted to your presence, Father," a voice rang out from above them. "A wyvern would have been alerted to all the noise being made out here."

Both Aaron and Reg drew their Runeswords, as all looked up to see a small platinum Wyrmling above them on a ledge. Well, small being relative since the Wyrmling was about the size of a full grown elephant.

"I am called Elswith, and they are my wards, Mother," the platinum Wyrmling announced. "My brother, your son, is called Manarn, and he is waiting just inside in case you turned out to be enemies."

Elswith dropped down to the base of the path and shifted to a young girl, about 12 years old or so. She was a small wisp of a thing, no taller than four feet, her hair so light it looked translucent but was blonde, unbound and flowing in the wind. Skin so pale that the blue of veins showed through. Eyes, not the color of her mother's, but the green of emeralds and flecked with gold like her father's. And power, by the Gods she was powerful! It radiated off her in an almost palpable way. For all of that she was dressed in a simple platinum shift and barefoot...