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July 16, 2014
Posted at 9:28 am

One of the things I've been doing while in Indiana is visiting sites that I've mentioned in my stories. I haven't lived in Indiana for forty years, but it's interesting to see how places that I remember have changed. Yesterday, I visited the campus of the University of Indianapolis. It is bigger and more modern than the school I attended in the 60s, but the theater is much the same as the one Wayne inhabited in "The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality."

Today, I will be traveling up to St. Joseph County in the general area where much of the action for "Living Next Door to Heaven" takes place. I'll be passing right through Kokomo and thinking about what a lucky ass Brian is to have known those Kokomo girlfriends. Wish I had.

Tomorrow, I'll be visiting another site that hasn't yet been mentioned, but will be soon: The Indiana Dunes State Park on the shores of Lake Michigan. Between the Indiana Dunes, Ogden Dunes, and Warren Dunes, I can account for a lot of fun hours as a kid playing in the sand and water too cold to stay in. If you're up around any of those areas and would like to grab a cup of coffee, let me know!