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Cold Fusion

July 13, 2014
Posted at 11:38 am

No, it's not 'cold fusion', people.

I succumbed to requests in comments to my stories (which are YOUR stories) wherein a lot of gumbo gets cooked, and I posted a recipe from a friend.

On an erotic story site.

Comments have been pouring in. Quick answers:

1. 'Cajun' and 'Creole' are two different cooking genres. They're NOT the same. Both have gumbo traditions. They're NOT the same. I am Cajun. So you get a Cajun recipe. Authenticity? I have seen this very recipe cooked by four generations of my own family.

2. Nobody wrote anything down. I tried several times to capture Mom's recipes. They condense down to "use this much. Or a little more if you like it, or a little less if you don't, or if there's not much in the garden." The fact that this recipe is written down is a miracle in itself.

3. It's supposed to be simple, with stuff available in a Cajun prairie household without refrigeration. If you couldn't grow it or keep it in the pantry, then it didn't make it into the recipe.

4. It's supposed to be plain ol' good food.