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Update on enforced break

July 11, 2014
Posted at 12:59 am

They say great minds think alike, which could be why so many of you mentioned Dragon Dictate as a possible solution to my problem, temporary though it may be.

Funny you should (all) mention that. I bought Dragon last year and installed it on my computer which, at that time, had Windows XP as the OS. It was abysmally slow, meaning there was sometimes up to a 30 second lapse time between speaking and the words appearing on the screen. Making the corrections, under those conditions, was almost impossible, at least by voice.

Then XP went away and I got a new computer. But you can only install Dragon on one machine and since that process is automated, it includes telling them that copy has been installed. So that number won't work on any other install.

So I'll have to uninstall it on the old one, which will allegedly notify the nice Dragon that I now have permission to then install it on the new one. At least I'll try that. The learning curve was already steep for a Luddite like me, but I find myself with some time on my finger(s) so I suspect I'll take everybody's advice and give it a whirl.

Just so you know, it's not fast when you use Dragon, even when it's working up to speed. I can type much faster.

But not with my current fingers, so I'll see how it goes.

Thanks, folks. It's heartwarming to know you're pulling for me.

No pun intended.