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Truth In Advertising

October 19, 2005
Posted at 9:03 am

In the interests of truth, which I try to insert into my stories, at least in terms of historical settings, and the songs mentioned and little things like that, I have to admit that I did a short cut when I wrote "Rubber Dicky, I Love You".

A reader known as NonyMouse informed me in a kind way that Dentists don't use silicone to make the molds of teeth they produce. The substance is actually called alginate. It's a product of algae/seaweed, and when mixed with water becomes a gooey mess, and solidifies
like jello, only very rapidly, without odor, and
THEN they make the positive from the negative
mold. Doesn't shrink either!

So, if any of you out there were planning on making a mold of anything, using a soda bottle filled with silicone, you might want to re-think that idea. It could turn out unhappily. And, just imagine showing up at the ER with a soda bottle of silicone stuck to you ... somewhere.

In other words ... don't try this at home, folks, especially based on the wild imaginings of some goofy author who was too lazy to look up what the real stuff was called before he wrote a story.

I suppose you COULD have a nice intimate chat with your dentist about getting some alginate, but just remember ... the guy (or gal) climbs in your mouth sometimes ... and there can be pain involved.

As always, thanks for reading.