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Second Chance Chapter 63

July 8, 2014
Posted at 10:56 pm

The erstwhile Mike "O" has possession of chapter 63.

Since I am dreadful at this part, I am his servant when it comes to proofreading and fixing the messes I make.

Tomorrow looks like a tough day to expect another chapter to be posted. With our grandchildren visiting, and taking them on a special, all day, outing, there will not be sufficient time to do a good job, so I will write late into tomorrow evening, send it on to Mike sometime Thursday morning, and await his return posting.

Thank you to ALL who are reading my book. I am humbled to see the downloads exceed 425,000. It's unthinkable that so many of you follow my book.

Thank you to all of those who write and tell me what you think of my book. It inspires me to work harder, and try to put out better product.

Thank to Mike "O" for dealing with my lack of sophistication in all things editing.

Have a wonderful Week.