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July 8, 2014
Posted at 4:28 pm

'The Legend of Eli Crow-Part Five-The Young Bucks II'

This is not the end of 'The Legend of Eli Crow', this
is a pause in the story of a man and his family.
There will be more chapters added to the story in the
future, but for now, time has come to give it a break.

I'll be posting more stories in the meantime,
so check my blog on SOL from time to time.
I'll always announce an upcoming new story,
or another chapter or two of 'Eli Crow'.

Thank you, readers, for following this story.
Thank you for your feedback and comments.

Thank you also to the editors who have worked
diligently on this story. Your efforts make my
tall tales into readable stories.

If you find errors-I made them-I take credit for them.

THANK YOU-to the owners and administrators
of, without whom, many of the
stories now posted on SOL would never have been told.

Mine included.

J Ryter


You own everything that ever happened to you.
Tell your stories your way.
If people want you to write nicer things about them,
They should have behaved better.....