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Cliffhanger or Religion?

July 2, 2014
Posted at 9:43 am

I've noticed that my story took a minor hit (in the ratings) last chapter, supposedly over the 'cliffhanger' (where the MC, Alex, has a revelation but doesn't reveal what it is). The ratings dipped slightly (mostly because my protest 5-star votes all switched to 1-star votes (the 3 to 4-star votes stayed the same, as did the 8, 9 and 10 star votes)).

I was a bit confused, as I hadn't seen it as a cliffhanger. I simply didn't detail what he's discovered simply because there wasn't enough space (at the end of the chapter) to detail what happened. As you can see from this week's chapter, it took a while to explain and unravel.

However, now the rating is continuing to dip (again, only a small amount), so now I'm wondering whether the issue might be over my use of pseudo-religion. But again, I'm confused, because I'm not sure whether it's religious readers upset over my inventing new religious beliefs, or atheists upset that Alex is supposedly 'abandoning' his disbelief.

One note, protestors, if you're going to register a protest vote, you really need to tell the author WHY you're protesting. Otherwise I'm left to guess, and often, I'm likely to guess wrong. I may not change my mind, but at least I'll know what your issue is and I can take it under consideration.

Anyway, if you dislike the quasi-religion in these last couple chapters, then you're going to hate the next several! Just trying to prepare you for what's coming. 'D