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Down the Pike

June 27, 2014
Posted at 9:53 am

To anyone that's interested.

If anyone is wondering why the installments of Twinfinity are coming slower now than they have in the past, I first apologize, but I've been working a lot on the marketing side of things lately.

As of right now I have no website, I have no facebook page, I have no novel trailer, and I have no upcoming blog tour. I am not on twitter. Youtube doesn't know I exist, and my voice is not being broadcast over the airwaves.

I need to change that.

So if you've been waiting for more installments of Twinfinity please be patient with me. I'm doing the best that I can to get more of it completed. I have the next installment started and I hope to have PawWriter go over it soon so that I can get it posted.

Out of all of the things that I'm working on I'm most excited about the trailer that I'm working on. I think it has a little bit of a different approach than the other trailers that I've watched and I'm really curious to see how it turns out.

Thanks for reading,