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U.K. Readers

June 21, 2014
Posted at 9:48 pm

I scheduled a discount deal through Amazon for today on "Twinfinity: Nethermore. What I didn't realize when I did this was that it only applied to and wasn't going to be available to any of the other regions in the world.

As soon as I figured this out I went ahead and scheduled a promotional deal for and that will begin on Monday.

I also want to thank those that did participate in the offer so far today. The results of the deal have brought Twinfinity: Nethermore to #45 in the metaphysical category which is the highest the title has been so far. My hopes are that we can bring it up to #1 in that category which is very possible. I think as few as ten more sales today might accomplish this and today is the day to do it because the cost is only $.99. So if you have any interest in the story line at all today would be the day.

Thanks to everyone and I will get the next portion of Twinfinity: Quest for the Prim Pockets out as soon as I can.