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Conrad, Chapters 5 & 6

June 20, 2014
Posted at 5:28 pm

The new chapters have been sent to the Moderators for posting.

This week's chapters open with Conrad and the twins arriving at a hotel in Rock Springs, Wyoming. There is some shopping and then dinner. In the morning they set out for Wichita.

Everyone is soon asleep after arriving at Conrad's house outside of Wichita. In the morning he prepares to leave for work. The twins are startled to learn not only that he works, but that he is the boss.

On reaching his business, Conrad needs to explain how he inherited it from his foster Father. His chief butcher and the twins are surprised when he announces that he intends to marry both Sisters.

After checking out his business, the twins want to help with the paperwork, but also want to make some scrapple, which they remember from their childhood. They look up several recipes.

The Plains Magic Council meets on the first of each month. At the next meeting, the alphas of the Mountain Lion clan demand control of the twins. Conrad and the twins disagree strongly.

Later there is hot bloody meat and sex for the three of them.

Enjoy these two chapters. More next week.

Keep Well,
uncle jim