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New "Love & Family" chapter

June 17, 2014
Posted at 7:53 pm

For those who've noticed, a new chapter was added to my story, "Love and Family During the Great Death". It's not a new chapter.

I'd decided that the first chapter, at 14,700 words, was too long, so I broke it into two separate chapters. As a result, all the other chapters got bumped down, creating a 'new' epilogue.

But the reason why I reposted the entire story was because there were a few chapters which hadn't been properly updated. Most notably Chapter 1, which still referenced meteorite showers (meteorite are rocks from outer space after they've struck the earth. Meteors are the remanents of comets that enter the atmosphere.). The entire story should be up-to-date at this point (though I had to make some value judgments over which version to use and which to toss).

The story was also still listing a Prologue, which I'd only put up on a temporary basis when I was trying to add a new subplot. I'd removed that element of the story, but the Prologue never got deleted.

I've also reformatted the webpages for the story (for my website), though I'll save those until I get closer to releasing Great Death book 3, "Seeding Hope Among the Ashes".