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June 17, 2014
Posted at 4:36 pm

The Legend of Eli Crow-Part Five-The Young Bucks II'

Chapter 108

Has been submitted for posting on Storiesonline @:


September 21, 1896
Fort Smith, Arkansas

The six Young Bucks have been looking forward to this day
for most of their lives. They are officially twenty-one years
old today, according to the affidavit Judge Parker has signed.

Today, they are in Fort Smith to be sworn in as
Deputy United States Marshals.

There is a celebration awaiting the Young Bucks back
at Crow Ridge and what begins as one of the happiest
days of their lives, takes a sad turn.


There will only be three (3) more chapters of 'The Legend of
Eli Crow' posted in Part Five, though I reserve the right to return
to those days at the turn of the 20th century and visit the
Crow clan now and then.

I started this tale about Indian Territory/Oklahoma Tertitory
in October of 2010. I wrote about twenty-six chapters, then
shoved it aside until the spring of 2011 when I received a
feedback on one of my stories from an avid reader on SOL.

He (Keng) offered to edit some of my stories and I sent him the
'western' tale that I had shoved aside. He loved it and he's been with me since.

I added chapters and decided to break the story into parts. I started posting on
Dec. 1, 2011 with the first three parts totaling forty-six chapters

Now as I post Part Five I'm nearing 110 chapters and I feel the need to let
Eli Crow and his clan have a rest. They are tired of me meddling in their business
and I need to worry some of the other characters who are roaming around in my head
with stories of their own to tell.

Eli Crow and the Young Bucks will return in the future with more adventures from the past.


You own everything that ever happened to you.
Tell your stories your way.
If people want you to write nice things about them,
They should have behaved better.....