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Sexual Awakening - a novel

June 17, 2014
Posted at 1:41 am

I haven't been posting stories to SOL for a while. The reason is because I've been finishing my novel. Well, it's now done and available on Amazon. Currently only as an ebook for Kindle (you can download a free Kindle reader for your PC).

I published it under the pen name S. W. Blayde. The title is "Sexual Awakening." Here's the description:

A product of her upbringing, Elizabeth Hathaway was taught that sex is a sin to enjoy-beliefs reinforced by her husband, Pastor Milford Hathaway. When she strays into the world of pornography, Jeff Wateman learns of her dark secret. He's back in town seeking revenge on Pastor Hathaway and plans to disgrace her husband before killing him. Elizabeth is nothing more than collateral damage, until Jeff falls in love with her.

If you're looking for a stroke story, this is not one. It's a full length novel. Of course there's very graphic sex scenes in it. After all, I'm an erotica author. But there's a complex plot as well. The beginning may seem similar to my story "The Preacher's Wife," but it's an original story.

It's erotica. It's a murder mystery. It's romance (but nothing like the typical romance genre). It's a story about revenge.

If you're interested, you can search under the "books" category on Amazon for "s.w. blayde" or go directly to the following link:


Amazon allows you to sample the beginning of the story. I encourage you to do so. Keep in mind there's plenty of sex throughout the novel.

I was writing a short story called "Girls' Camp" which I put off to finish my novel. I guess it's time to complete that one and post it on SOL.

Feedback is always appreciated. And if you get the book, a positive Amazon review will be greatly appreciated.