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Reducing Postings

June 16, 2014
Posted at 7:27 pm

Due to time constraints, I'm forced to reduce my story postings from twice-a-week to only once-a-week.

When I began "Building a Legacy", I was nervous about when to post and warned I might have to cut back if it affected my work. As it is, I'm spending too much time trying to revise multiple chapters on several stories on different sites. As a result, I'm unable to spend time on new writing. Seeing as I'm eager to complete my newest book, "Seeding Hope Among the Ashes", I need to allocate time to doing the final revision/edits.

The story will post every Wednesday beginning June 25th.

I'm hoping the pressure will be off once "Building a Legacy" finishes and I can return to my traditional twice-a-week postings then. But as I'm sure you know, a writer can't post if they can't write!