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My Obligation

June 8, 2014
Posted at 4:58 pm

I mentioned before that I'm very impressed with this site overall and I'd like to reiterate that here. I was leery, at first, about posting my story on a site which the main focus was erotica. So far the readers here seem to appreciate more than just "adult material" and I've been welcomed with what feels like open arms. I appreciate that very much.

There are a great many other things that seem to be done so much better than the way that things are done on other sites. On one site in which I post they seem to intentionally limit the number of stories that are posted. I don't really understand the mindset there because limiting the number of stories that you post will automatically limit the numbers of readers you get. There is no reason for someone that is hungry for new stories every day to come back every day because there will be no new stories for that person to read.

SOL also seems to put a lot of care and effort into the format and programming of this site. It is user friendly and it has a ton of features that make it nice, both for the reader and for the writer.

But I digress a little. I started this post because I wanted to let those that like my stories, and may possibly want more, to know what my intentions are as a writer.

Mostly what I will post here will be stories that somehow fit into the Twinfinity story line in some way. That is where my mindset is as a writer. For now I intend to leave Whitney and Tommy behind and pick up how and where they originated. (Possibly Whitney's original conception, or possibly where Whitney and Tommy originally met in the other parallel dimension).

Overall Twinfinity will end up being a huge story. I imagine that on the novel end it will finish somewhere around ten volumes (give or take) and, for those that choose not to purchase any of the novels, there will be many free short stories to keep your mind occupied. (Although I can't even guess at how many of those there will end up being).

Thanks again for all who have chosen to read and I hope that I continue to write stories that you enjoy.