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Conrad, Chapters 1 & 2

June 6, 2014
Posted at 5:36 pm

The first two chapters of this new story have been sent to the Moderators for posting.

Conrad was a character who appeared in Magic Ink II. The new story opens with him returning from hunting and finding the twin sisters lost in the mountains of western Wyoming. He also detects those pursuing them.

He takes the sisters to his hidden cabin just as the snow storm starts. The women are very frightened and he calms them down. Later there is sex with the sisters.

Eventually, he needs to inform them of what he is and what they are, but that takes some time.

I have been working on a number of stories and have Conrad nearly finished - at least the writing. The editing and corrections take longer. I have several other stories in progress and they will follow this one. I have discovered that it is very difficult for me to work on more than one story at a time.

Enjoy the first two chapters of Conrad. More next week.

Keep Well,
uncle jim