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Summertime is here!

June 6, 2014
Posted at 5:23 pm

I'm posting a little earlier than the actual start of summer, because down here it has already begun. Got my cast off Tuesday 6/3 and am enjoying the use of my right hand again. Starting formal PT on Monday and am going twice a week for a few weeks and then re-evaluation to determine how everything is going. I am squeezing a ball till then. I am also writing again and have finished chapter 15 and have almost 110,000 words. I think there are only a few chapters left to set things up for a larger than normal epilogue. I have also started to go back through the earlier chapters trying to find obvious mistakes before I start the editing process. I do not want to look completely incompetent to my editor. My intention is to submit what I have ready for editing the first week of July, (based on my editors schedule) and finish as he is editing.

What does that mean for a posting timeframe? I am not sure but I am committed to getting the story into editing and start posting when I have a suitable buffer of chapters. Now, I have not contacted my editor yet to see what his schedule is like, but even when he's been busy he's always slid me in before.

I am really shooting for a late August, early September roll out of a weekly chapter and then building toward a twice weekly submission.

Enjoy your summer and look for the March of the Rose around September First.