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June 2, 2014
Posted at 9:50 pm

My infection came back and worse than before; the urgent care referred me to a specialist. Unfortunately, by then it had been beaten down enough for the specialist to be unable to do anything. Fortunately, the specialist wants me to go direct to them if it crops up again, because she feels we're not killing the infection completely and it is taking advantage when I get sick from something else.

So here is hoping for the best or the best of the worst!


Work is... let's just say that I'm in the middle of two large projects and one of them involves me doing the job of several people that get paid more than me. Their model of their 'job' does not include knowing shit about the data!


No AMR is not going to be continued any time soon.

Right now, even though it changes my writing plan, I am edging towards the second Energy Wizard story and finishing the Wellspring Duology.

The biggest problem is that the second Energy Wizard story is bigger in my head than the structure I limited myself to -- no, I will not change the structure, it's sort of the point.


Of course, this is like the fourth plan since I entered the cycle if disease and work insanity.

And it sucks that a 'Justified' teen-MC keeps cropping into my head. Although as it has mm scenes, I doubt I will ever do it except as a writing exercise to get it out of my head.

I finally got the 'Demons' first chapter completed and edited -- but I may have to kill someone if I really get into it and have to stop because that one is as bad mentally as my zombies story was.

I also have started and scrapped multiple versions of a third 'magic' stories... One that takes the next step of magic acceptance from Energy and Wellspring to where magic users as the 'celebrities' of a world... Can't quite get that one right although the zombie version was pretty good in the outline and the first couple of chapters.

Yeah, too many story ideas floating around especially when i don't have the time to just bang one or two of the small ones out.

Oh yeah, house renovation so my wife can be happier... but I would not suggest renovating the family room and living room when you have a hyperactive toddler. (Thank you Disney for Frozen which is the only thing the kid will sit for!)


Nothing much else as I don't see an end to my pain for another two weeks, so I will know then whether or not I will be getting any writing time.