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Twinfinity News

June 1, 2014
Posted at 8:36 am

I had a reader email me and ask whether or not the novel was based on the same characters and plot line. On the surface this seems like a simple question to answer and, in a way, it is.

Nethermore definitely has the same characters as the shorts that I've been posting on this site. The plot-line, while at its core is the same, will end up being much much much bigger. In its end Twinfinity will be a huge story. (Approximately 10 volumes). The story line begins with Whitney and Tommy and shows where they are at in their thinking and development at age 16, but the story won't always stay with just them. There is a completely different dimension and a completely different Whitney and Tommy to explore.

So far things seem to be going well with Nethermore and I owe a big part of that success to the SOL readers. I wasn't sure what to expect when I published Nethermore because I understand how many books are published every month on Amazon. It's easy for a title to get lost when you consider the fact that there are thousands of books published every month.

So far SOL readers have been able to drive Nethermore up to #71 in the Metaphysical category after only a couple of weeks. That number varies from day to day, but that's the highest I've seen it yet and I'm proud of that accomplishment. Thanks to those that have purchased it and I sincerely hope that it met your expectations.