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A somewhat short chapter 6 of The Spirit of Poland

May 28, 2014
Posted at 8:13 pm

I just sent the next chapter off to the moderators, so it will be posted at some point soon. It's a bit short, but I didn't feel like adding a bunch of padding. There's no need to tell you every petty detail of events.

Reaction to the story has been interesting. As expected, readership had again dropped in half. This normally happens with my series, but given the freakishly huge audience for the first book, 17,000, it's more amusing this time. We're at about 4,000 a chapter at the moment. I'm sure that will grow a bit as more people discover it, but possibly not by much.

Haven't gotten much feedback on this story, which again is expected. My readers are a quiet bunch when they're happy. Averaging two letters a chapter, not counting smiley face guy. No one is bitching, which is the important thing.