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Extending Oasys Book 1

May 27, 2014
Posted at 2:05 am
Updated: May 27, 2014 - 5:42 am

Firstly I want to say how fantastic the response has been to this first story and I am truly humbled by your comments and encouragement.
This encouragement has also come from a most unexpected source, fellow authors on SOL have also contacted me including two on my most favourites list.

All of you have encouraged me to continue with this series as have the authors and further they have encouraged me to exend this book and build a more solid picture of the world I have created for the story.
They also have encouraged me to refine/expand the core characters involved to make it easier to mature and expand "The Oasys" as the new species grows. Doing this would mean less of a chance of sacrificing the core extended family unit or some of the adventure and conflicts I have planned for them.

John Wales the author such science fiction classics as "Space", "Tandra" and "Leefstic" (along with many others) has made a number of fantastic suggestions the most notable being to put Ohai's extraordinary abilities into context with the world around her. This would means she would not seem so "super powered" as she appears in this book. His experience with "Super Powered" characters means that a story very easily becomes confined as you find more and more 'Super Bad Guys" for characters struggle against.
Providing a clearer picture of the core characters and the world state in would mean that the stories and adventures planned for the series can be more intense and exciting.

For those of you finding some of the "Tech" in the story 'too over the top' please do a little research using some of the terms I have used in the story. I'm sure you will find what I did when I researched it all. It is all based on current accepted scientific theory or currently in its infancy of lab construction and testing. There is even an approved patent for the design of the nuclear battery Ohai powers herself with. What I have done is a bit of imagineering to create what I believe would be 100 odd years worth of improvement and development Ohai style.

Give me your thoughts, you are my reader base now and I owe it to you to make the series more readable.
By the way have you discovered the easter eggs related to the T Twins name :)