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Memorial Sermon Update

May 26, 2014
Posted at 11:56 pm

I got a LOT of excellent feedback for my lecture, very heartfelt with reflections about people's experiences with military chaplains, the military, gays in military, friends and family who were gay, and a couple who used it to motivate them to reestablish contact with long estranged family members. Thus posting this was very emotionally satisfying!

I talked about it more with one of my editors, mentioning two books about Copy's experiences and his trial. He came back after having searched for, and found digital copies of both books. If you're interested, the information is below:

A digital copy of "Conduct Unbecoming" can be borrowed here.

And "Get Off My Ship" here:

Downloads into Adobe Digital Editions. I moved them over to Calibre.


"Conduct Unbecoming" is an excellent book about the military's anti-gay policies on military personnel. It's filled with detailed interviews, thouroughly researched, and was one of the first 'digital' books. The digital portion contains family pictures of Copy and my Father.

"Get Off My Ship" is the story of Copy's trial, written by his lover at the time he was exposed and ... thrown off the captain's ship. The title is a direct quote from when he first confronted Copy about the accusations. It's really the definitive story of the trail, written by the people more directly involved in it.

There was continued talk over many years about making a movie based on the book, but supposedly they could never get Lawrence to approve the idea (though I don't even know if they ever found him). Curious, I searched for him a short time ago, and he'd published another book recently, a fictional autobiography about the pain in 'coming out' publicly. Unfortunately, there wasn't any contact information, so I had no way of making contact with him. But at least he's still around.

Both are excellent books on the topic, and are definitely worth reading!