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May 26, 2014
Posted at 11:55 am

Just sent a chapter of Community off to the editor. Should be up for reading by Wednesday or so.

I'm enjoying my Memorial Day holiday, if indeed 'enjoy' is the proper word. For me, it might not be. I was, in my MUCH younger days, a soldier during a long and divisive war. I'm still here. Some of my friends are not, left forever young in some faraway place. I shall take time to raise a glass in their honor.

Back to the stories, I see one more chapter of Melodic Redemption before I cut Stoney and Jo loose on the world. You and I both know that they won't keep away from the community.

There are other stories, too, with Kimberly just waiting for a wedding which I am sure will be commensurate with her quirky life. And there's another story on the back burner. I like the opening, but I want to try NOT to turn it into another fifty-chapter epic. I seriously need to stop falling in love with my own characters.