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Remembering Nicki

May 25, 2014
Posted at 7:55 am

Through a series of happenstances, I found out the school on which I very loosely based LNDtH is having a reunion this summer. I actually didn't graduate from that school, but went to school with kids from there for ten years (including kindergarten) before I moved away after ninth grade. I thought it would be cool to go to the reunion this summer when I go through Indiana. So I contacted the organizer who said sure I could come. And by the way did I know the Bs? (Not Brusts)

As it happened, the Bs were my next door neighbors and I wrote back that for a while Nicki and I had been inseparable. The "while" that I remember was the first week of first grade. Nicki and I had gone through kindergarten making clay baskets together. We'd wandered barefoot behind the plow in freshly turned furrows. We'd jumped up and down on her bed because it was allowed at her house. But when Miss Chapman gave us the seating arrangement in first grade, Nicki began to cry because she couldn't sit next to me. Miss Chapman was confused because Nicki referred to me by my childhood nickname, and of course Miss C had no idea who she was talking about.

I remember that summer, that we had one of our last walks together, through the woods connecting our properties and all the others up and down our country road. We came across two teenagers who exclaimed how cute the little boy was with his girlfriend. That may have been the moment that we were both embarrassed about being together.

By third grade when we moved into "The Annex" and Miss Tomlinson's class, I'd become a stinky boy and Nicki was a girl with lots of girlfriends. We continued in school together for another six years, but probably only said that many words to each other.

Maybe she'll be at the reunion and I will find out if she remembers any of what I do, or if it is all just another fantasy story.