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Motorbike - motorcycle.

May 23, 2014
Posted at 10:17 am

Tomayto tomahto? Who was it said the Americans and the British were two people divided by a common Language? A reader asked what I meant by a motorbike, since in the US that means a powered bicycle. In Britain, though I remember motorised bicycles, I don't think one would be legal nowadays. A motorbike (common usage for motorcycle) is a two-wheeled motor vehicle. It would not usually include 'moped' or motor-scooter.
I have owned motorbikes having motors from 100cc (A Suzuki I bought for my wife to learn on) up to 600cc (A 1956 Norton Dominator with a later engine) and various sizes in between. I had fun with most of them and miss them a lot. The exception being a Francis Barnet Falcon 87 that was a nightmare.
Why the blog? Read 'LIfe on a Motorbike' by MysteryWriter... I couldn't do that.