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We're The Millers Fanfic request

May 18, 2014
Posted at 1:00 pm

I just saw the movie "We're The Millers"

What an amazing movie.

(Although I think the premise is going to be obvious)

A low-level pot dealer poses as a family man in order to pay back a debt to his supplier in this comedy starring Saturday Night Live alumni Jason Sudeikis. If you're a soccer mom in search of some reefer, David Burke (Sudeikis) is just the man to talk to. He certainly isn't the biggest dealer in town, but he's discreet, and aims to please. When David attempts to perform a good deed and gets robbed in the process, however, his supplier Brad (Ed Helms) is none too happy. Now, in order to pay Brad back before the hammer drops, David must retrieve a big drug shipment from Mexico and sneak back across the border undetected. It's a risky job for sure, but with the help of a few neighbors David might just pull it off. With sardonic stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston) assuming the role of housewife, teenage misfit Kenny (Will Poulter) posing as the awkward son, and rebellious Casey (Emma Roberts) filling in as his sister, David slips on some khakis, and starts heading south. Meanwhile, as David tries to convince himself that the border patrol wouldn't give a second glance at such a typical suburban family, the shipment -- and the stakes -- both prove greater than anticipated

Naturally, the outcome and the bonding is also exactly what you think may happen.

However, there are so many surprises.

For instance, Kenny's fake sister sees him strike out trying to kiss a girl so she starts to teach him. His fake mom comes in and says "Let me show him"

They start to have so much fun teasing Kenny that David (The fake dad) starts to take video.

The girl Kenny was trying to impress walks in and sees this.

What I would like to see -in any form/fashion is some We're the Millers fanfic that either retells the original story or picks up at different points before/after or takes the millers on an entirely different avenue.

I would write it myself but I am knee-deep in the story I am writing.

So can a blog be a request/idea generator for fellow authors - even people who never wrote before?

SUGGESTION: Watch the movie first before you write it.