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Still here and still writing

May 15, 2014
Posted at 9:48 pm

My apologies for not being more active on this blog. Thank you to all of you who sent me the nice emails asking how I am doing.

I am actually doing well. I've gotten tremendously busy these days, and it's sometimes a struggle to find time to tend to this blog. I am indeed still writing the next Narlass story, it is just coming along slower than I would like. Progress is being made however.

Which reminds me of something I may have mentioned before but I'm too lazy to go over my old blog posts to check. I will be releasing this story differently than the previous ones. With previous stories, I would edit as I go, posting about three chapters per week and spend much of the time in between feverishly preparing the next batch.

This is too stressful for me and just won't work with my current schedule. So I will be taking the time to edit the entire story before I start posting it. The bad news is more delay on getting it posted. The good news is that I can post a lot more chapters in one go and get the entire story posted beginning to end faster.

After the Narlass story is posted, I will be taking a few weeks off from writing before starting on the next Haven story.