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A Little More Contact

May 15, 2014
Posted at 11:10 am

This week in "Living Next Door to Heaven," our hero Brian turned 14. (Chapter 11 on Monday and 12, today.) He's had a curious birthday at a dude ranch with a dozen girl scouts, one of whom has been flirting and was "rescued" from a fall. Well, put two fourteen-year-olds together and rub. You're likely to get a fire started.

In this way, Chapter 12 marks a subtle but significant shift in the story. Prior to this time, Brian and most of his friends have been under the age of 14. SOL rules expressly forbid having any characters under the age of 14 in a sexual situation. I had to do some serious editing of my first draft in order to comply with that rule. There is less restraint from this point forward. I'm not saying there's any stroke material in the story (at least in the near future), but these are teenagers testing the equipment, teasing, and finding the limits. Occasionally, characters will mention something that "happened when they were younger" that didn't get mentioned in the preceding chapters. Well, you'll just have to imagine what it was I cut!

It's not like there will be one in every chapter, but from this point forward the explorations of these teens will include "sexual situations" though I don't foresee anyone crossing the line in the sand of penetration for many, many more chapters. Let's let them grow up without having to be grown up all at once.