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Many Thanks

May 10, 2014
Posted at 10:46 am

Thank you to all who sent me words of condolence, I appreciate your words in my sorrow over the loss of my Aunt.

Thank you also to those who sent me thoughts, recommendations and commiserations about my shoulder. Through some reading, I've learned, this condition can be very painful and limiting as well as long lasting (up to a year or even longer in some cases). I am not sure if it was a good diagnosis, though. I spoke with my Primary Care Manager and we discussed my x-rays and condition. The x-rays showed nothing but that is not unusual for 'Frozen Shoulder'. It completely surprised her when I informed her, that through the week the pain lessened while my range of motion increased without physical therapy (the first appointment hadn't come through yet). Today the shoulder is as it was before the episode started. I'm thankful and won't look a gift horse in the mouth. I can sail and ride my bike again. Hooray!

At this point in (story) time Rob and Kay have a lot to talk about and a lot going on. Rob has another surprise for Kay, too.

Until next time.

- Stay Safe and Stay Well -