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Cat…S plural.

May 9, 2014
Posted at 9:33 pm

We have two cats…and a feral beastie who lives within the confines of our house. Since all my neighbors know that we belong to the cat…and he escapes every now and then…we used to receive regular visits from the Animal Police.

You see…it's a direct violation of the ordinances of our scruffy little city on the banks the Tennessee River to allow pets to roam at large. If it's a pet…and it's outside…it must be leashed. Nang…the feral cat…objected to such treatment and, therefore was a regular prisoner of the assorted shelters.

We have had Nang a long time. Long enough that his sleek black coat is speckled with grey. Since the very last time he was arrested he cost somewhere in the vicinity of $300.00…Bail, fines, shots and neuter…it was decided..by a vote of two to one…that Nang had had his last day of freedom.

Objections and rejections of several pleas for clemency, having failed through family court, Nang has resorted to violence and terrorism to forward his agenda.

Tonight he walked on the keyboard. Such underhanded actions on his part resulted…in murder and mayhem of chapter 9 of Another Chance.

I…am…not…happy, Nang.