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It Has Been A Dark Week

May 3, 2014
Posted at 10:35 am

It has been a dark week for me.

My 92 year old Aunt had her birthday on Tuesday and passed away the following Monday. She was my father's sister and the last of their generation, on both sides of my family. I feel the loss immensely and it hurts.

I've suffered an injury to my shoulder and I don't know how. The Medicos tell me it is 'Frozen Shoulder' (whatever that is). All I know is, it's extremely painful to raise my arm and it means I cannot sail which is a bummer all by itself, since the weather has turned so nice. It's also hell to try and wash my hair. At times, even the weight of my arm is painful, standing up, sitting, or lying down. The only 'good' thing about this condition is they recognize how much pain is associated with it and are free with the pain medication.

Neither of these things have a direct effect on you, my readers and you should be glad. Using the writing and review process I do, allows me some flexibility because I keep a chapter or two in the bank that I can post, even if I don't get much writing done during the week (like this past one). It allows me to keep to the posting schedule I've set up and you benefit from.

Until next time.

- Stay Safe and Stay Well -