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New review of "Art and Science of Love"

May 3, 2014
Posted at 9:09 am

As a reader, you undoubtedly have some favorite authors here on SOL. For some of you, I'm glad to be on that list. I have my own list, too. Authors that I'll read as soon as something is posted. Jay Cantrell, Dual Writer, Invid Fan, and Old Man with a Pen are high on that list. So is Ryan Sylander.

I got a note back when I was posting the original "Model Student" story from a reader who said my story reminded him of Ryan's "Opus One." I started reading it and was immediately captured by the richness and depth of the story, the characters, and the role of music in the story. I've devoured everything else of his that he's posted on SOL, including his recently completed "Depth of Field." I was nearly overwhelmed when I received a note this week that Ryan had reviewed my first story posted here on SOL, "The Art and Science of Love."

You can read his review HERE ON SOL. I was floored by his words for what I considered one of my more primitive works here. ASL was a story I'd carried in my hip-pocket for twenty years before I started posting it and completing the work. The fact that it spoke to Ryan in such a profound way was just amazing to me. I've had to share his words with all my friends.

If you aren't familiar with Ryan's work, "Opus One" received third place in this year's "Classic Clitorides" award. You can visit the Ryan Sylander Page here on SOL. Thanks again to a fine author who found something praiseworthy in my writing.