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Once Upon an Alien, Update

May 2, 2014
Posted at 6:08 pm

I would like to thank everyone for their patience while I moved and settled my family. We still aren't finished with unpacking, but anyone that has moved their household understands that. I hope we can finish that little chore sometime in the next six months.

The important thing is, I do have time to start writing again. Not as much as I did over the last year, but more than I had before the last year. I have more 'chores' to do at or new house and am thoroughly enjoying them.

There is a rhythm to writing a story. I'm not sure if that is true for everyone that writes, but it is for me. I found that I couldn't just sit down and start writing where I left off six weeks ago. My solution to the problem was to start at the beginning of the story and read, and tweak, until I arrived at where I previously stopped. That is my explanation of why I am reposting the entire story to this point. If anyone decides to reread from the beginning, you won't see any great changes in the story line. A few things may be a little clearer because most of the changes are in the Prolog. Some characters may be a little more developed. But the story is essentially the same.

During my 'down time' I wrote snippets' and notes about the rest of this story. I am in the process of putting them together so they make some kind of sense. The next chapter is essentially finished and I will post it soon, as in the next 24 hours.

Thanks again for your patience. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.