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doing more books

April 30, 2014
Posted at 10:07 pm

Hi all.

There are a number of things going on. First, what you most care about probably is the next Nowy Poland book. I'm working on chapter two at the moment, trying to mentally figure out where the thing is going. I don't believe in holding chapters back to try and build an audience, so once I feel confident I have a destination and can make it there I'll post what finished chapters I have then post as I write. I need that pressure to keep me working.

The last two days, though, have been spent putting together books. I have ebook versions of A Nation Forged and Where Friendship Leads all done, with print versions set up and ready to order. I'm going to be changing bookstores once again, my few customers really not happy with my current Miiduu storefront's handling of digital downloads. Tomorrow, probably, I'll bite the bullet and pay for the new store and open it for orders. I'll probably lose money unless readers really like the new setup, but, hey, this isn't about income. It's mostly the ego thing :)

As I said, I'll be ordering printed books soon. If any readers are interested and would like to give me an idea of how many to order before the store officially opens, let me know. I'll be doing a reprint of A Leader Born as well, and all three Bells books and The Waifs are also ready to be reprinted if needed. I've sold one printed book so far: let's try and double that!