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I love telling stories on SOL

April 29, 2014
Posted at 6:19 pm

I guess one of the reasons is that the readers are so appreciative of what a guy writes. I love getting emails and that was part of what kept me going through my dark times a couple years ago.

Speaking of which, it was just two years plus ago, on February 9, 2012, that I posted here about having received 10,000 downloads of "Art and Science of Love." It was my first story on SOL and had been up for just over two months. I was really overwhelmed and gratified that people here actually liked what I wrote. Today, I crossed 10,000 downloads for "Living Next Door to Heaven," less than a week after it started posting. I'm blown away. I really love writing stories for people on SOL and LNDtH will be posted nowhere else. It will not be for sale anywhere else. It is exclusive for the people who have helped me so much here on SOL as my way of saying "Thank you."

In reading that post from 2/9/12, I had to laugh as well at the mention that I would be posting chapter two of "Model Student" and thought I could get one more chapter out of the story. It took me five chapters before I was finally convinced that this was going to be more than a "little" story. Three stories and nearly half a million words later, I finally brought the series to a conclusion with "The Prodigal" that has now been voted third in the Clitorides Awards for Best Romance. Thank you all again!