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Well I just had a Moment!

April 26, 2014
Posted at 4:53 am

I thought that I had posted all my previous stories that were on Lit. to here, I just found out two (I wonder how many more there are} did not make it here.
"My Bus trip" has 6 chapters on Lit.
"My journey into Perversion" has 8 chapters on Lit.
When brought to my attention, I was shocked those were forgotten. It took me forever to find them, I have a file folder "Stories beig Written" and they are and have been sitting there. I have 11 chapters done on "My Bus Trip" and 8 on my Journey.
I will finish them off right away. The problem I now have is, I found an excelent editor but he is back logged and befoe I can send anymore to him, he needs to return the last five chapter of a new book I wrote . I decided long ago not to post anymore incomplete stories. So once he gets those chapters back to me I can post that new book.
I have many new stories finished ready to be edited so I can post them and now two new (old) ones to finish and put on the waiting "Stories finished ready for edit" Folder
I am really thankful one of my fans caught that oversight.
If it was not for the people who like to tear apart my writings, I would not bother with getting my stories edited, I want people to rad my stories and not get hug up on mispelled words or grammer, I know I am not a writer, I feel I am a good story teller, you may (or may not) agree.
Anyway I am very thankful for discovering those two missing stories not posted here YET!
Well I better get back to bed before Peter misses me.