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The ones that drag you down

April 25, 2014
Posted at 1:15 am

Allan and I (as he has mentioned in his blog) are working together on Family Letters. This may be a type of story that is unfamiliar to some of you. What this started out as was the two of us playing the 'letter game' that is we each wrote a letter as if our character was unaware of any events in the other character's life. We have striven to not interfere with the development of the other author's character or story for that matter. So in a way what you are seeing is the snippets of life that Will and Willow chose to immortalize in their letters.
I suspect this and the shortness of the original letters is the source of the scores of one that are dragging our aggregate score down quite a bit. Maybe because the story is told from two different points of view it also seems a bit disjointed.... I don't know. What I don't understand is the ones'.... that decided to drag us down when we started posting this project. Anyone who likes long stories should enjoy this. As of now the word count that is in my file says around 64,000 words.