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April 23, 2014
Posted at 3:31 pm

A word on voting at this site

Just a brief word of very little value. It is just my humble opinion. I am not a mathematician; my favorite math is a two decimal system, which consist of dollars and cents and to be honest I care fare more for the dollars than the cents. I read about outliers and understand the concept but see little value in worry about it. I completely understand the idea that what the vast majority voted for other stories affects how the numbers are crunched for another story. An author who use post stories at this site from my computer explained it to me. He said consider our favorite ice cream store using this rating system rather than the current one. Then the rating on vanilla ice cream is adversely affected because a vast number of patrons at the store did not like pasticcio ice cream but did like the chocolate. He was not quite sure how the people's voting on the rocky road affected the other scores.

In truth as an author how the voting is processed on a story does not bother me one way or another. I figure it is like a bell curve and most things will thrown close the center as to not make some feel bad or other feel superior. After all average is what most things are in life. I suspect the order of the numbers isn't much different one way or the other. I think the person that gets a 6 and the person that receives a 7 are still going to be about 10 percent apart no matter what. The relative position would be the same if one was a 7 and the other was an 8.

Where it does bother me is as a voter. I'm use to be very selective as a voter only voting on what I really liked or really hated. My vote was not a comment on worth of the story but how it appealed to me and I do not give 2 cents of concern how others vote on stories I do not read. How I vote is what I think of that story and I do not think it should be weighted by what anyone else thought of any other story. I do not even care what other people think of the story I vote on though I suppose if you have any vote then will at least average them for a score. The voting system to me says what you think of story has no value. Well except how it is measured by how all the other votes for all the other stories. Since it is weighted in such a manner, I chose to not vote.

The only votes I consider on my stories are messages from those that read the stories. That and how many people put the story in their library. The rest are just numbers on a page I have no idea of the higher math involved in arriving at those numbers. I just hope the American ballet boxes are never calculated in the same manner. There are those that would content the Electoral College is pretty much the same thing.