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The Clitorides Awards

April 21, 2014
Posted at 11:51 am

I was quite surprised to receive an e-mail from one of my Editors congratulating me on placing in the Clitorides Awards last night.

I wasn't even aware that one of my stories had been nominated. On checking the Award site I learned that Magic Ink IV: Ken and Kell had placed first in the Best Erotic Fantasy Story 2013 category.

This is not something that one achieves on his or her own, and I owe THANKS to a lot of people.

Firstly: THANKS to whomever nominated Magic Ink IV for the Award.

Second: THANKS to all of the readers who voted for it.

Third: A very BIG THANKS to my Editors who corrected the errors and mistakes that I make when working on stories.

Fourth: THANKS to all of the readers who cared enough to send me e-mails with corrections of the things that we all missed.

Lastly: THANKS to all of those who have read my stories and hopefully enjoyed them. You are the reason that I continue to write. Hearing from you is always a pleasure.

Again THANKS to all of you.

Keep Well,
uncle jim