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Chapter 25 of Ginny

April 20, 2014
Posted at 2:15 pm

Things change a bit in Chapter 25 of Ginny. A lot less emphasis on Detroit and more on the rest of the world. I guess seeing how 3% of the population that had 95% of the wealth lived, versus those other 97% had some impact on me.

Naked kids, living on the streets or on a mud bank, hoping to sell themselves and escaping the Police 'Death Squads' could make a few westerners think.

In the real world, food, water, a house or a 'Master' were luxuries. Electricity, education, a bicycle even were only a dream. In some countries, tourists were only allowed in 'secure' areas. The bodies, slaves, prostitutes, and servants were hauled away or shipped out to the high bidders.

Part II of 'Ginny' deals with only the more humane things in these places. When I said no one dies, I meant my girls, Diane, Erica and the leads like Trudy et al.

In RL Erica did die, a horrible death; young, alone and un-cared about. In the Amazon, not the book place, 1,000 year old forests burn to this day to grow food and kill off the natives still around.

Outside Manila, the hopeful, 'house keepers' wait to be carted of to some Arab country, Do they ever return?

The Golden Triangle still sources a lot more than drugs and arms. At 9 -11 some girls are deemed 'too old' to even bother selling.

Part III of 'Ginny' may start at Chapter 40.

Grats to all the award winners. Some have really great stories and I am happy for them.