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Spring Update

April 18, 2014
Posted at 7:40 pm

Well, another season has started and I am still not done. I have made significant progress and all of the mini story threads have woven together into one main thread.

There has been a setback however and it is the reason I haven't posted an update sooner. So I was up on a ladder doing some household repairs and leaned a little too far to the right, lost my balance, and fell. I broke my right arm just below the wrist and it will be in a cast for another 4-6 weeks. The good news is while they were in there, pinning and resetting, they cleaned out my carpal tunnel so at least there's that. It had been in a full cast for the past 6 weeks, which also immobilized my fingers, preventing any writing as well as any working or anything else I might need to do with my dominate right hand. I have learned to do a lot with my left but being able to type has alluded me. This new cast just goes from the elbow to the palm of my hand allowing the movement of my fingers and thumb. The Dr. thinks I'll need PT to get the strength back in my hand, so I have that to look forward to when the cast finally comes off.

I have been advancing the storyline in my head and just as soon as I get this stupid thing off, or I get better with the thumb of my left hand I'll get back to writing.

That's about it.