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Here it comes!

April 18, 2014
Posted at 6:51 pm

I should probably retitle that. Hmm. Oh yes. Sunday night will be the first posting of "Living Next Door to Heaven." I'm posting the "Part I: My Guardian Angel" Intro and Chapter 1. From there on, I'll be posting twice a week on Sunday nights and Thursday nights. For how long? Until I run out of words, story, or life. I already have 20 weeks worth in the can and can't stop writing. Old Rotorhead is keeping up with me in editing almost as fast as I write. The slow part, of course, is formatting it, but the first five chapters are formatted and I'll preload 2-5 as soon as the first chapter posts Sunday night.

When the story opens, Brian Brust is a nine-year-old (almost ten) 4th grader. He's a short pudgy geek who loves science, and especially chemistry. He's an easy target for bullies. The only person he's ever been able to depend on to understand or protect him is his eleven-year-old sixth grade neighbor and fantasy girl, Joanne. To him, she's just Heaven.

"Part I: My Guardian Angel" takes Brian from 4th grade through 8th grade and the realization that at sixteen, Joanne has left to pursue her modeling career. The ache of missing her is compounded by other pains in his life, but things will look up in "Part II: The Agreement." Joanne might be gone, but her legacy lives on.

Yes, there will be Parts III, IV, etc. and I don't intend to pause between them, so it will read like one long story. I've got notes for fifteen years, but there won't be a "part" for every year. I'm sure I'll be covering more than one year of Brian's long college career (through PhD) in one Part, but there are also places where a single event might take an entire part to cover.

About sex: I've coded the story "Some Sex" mostly because it's not really about sex, but about a cast of characters that I've come to love like my children (and sometimes lovers). In Parts I and II there is never penetration and seldom direct genital contact, which doesn't mean that the characters aren't exploring and teasing and pushing the edge of what they want to do. But face it. The characters in Part I are 9-13 years old. In Part II, they are 14 and 15 mostly. They aren't all jumping into bed for the best mind-blowing sex of their lives. What would there be to look forward to? Still, you'll find they have an unusual solution to their problems and their hormones. Nonetheless, I've put the "slow" code on it, though I don't think it's really slow at all.

Please don't let my comments about writing the story until I die give you pause. I'm relatively young and healthy. (Relative to the age of some of my readers!) I'm traveling around the country with a truck and trailer and don't see an end to this voyage forthcoming. Relax and enjoy!