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Coming Attractions!

April 11, 2014
Posted at 4:25 pm

I had a request to blog about my future plans with the story. I have been working on it for several months now, and am at a point where I can speak.

When 'A Fresh Start' ended, I finished it with Carl and Marilyn wistfully eyeing the White House following the January 2009 inauguration, as they prepared to head into the sunset. I have had huge numbers of readers wanting to know what Carl did in the future. I proposed a second do-over, with Carl going back and not having a good time, and that got a huge response as well. At least 90% of my readers thought that would be terrible, and wanted nothing to do with it. That really made me wonder where I wanted to take the story, and if I even wanted to continue with it.

Still, I had some ideas on what Carl would do in the future, and am continuing on. The original story will stand as is, with one slight modification. The Epilogue chapter will now simply be the last chapter in the story, and a few remaining typos will be cleared up. Instead, I will add an 'Epilogue' story to the universe as a separate story, for those who want to see what Carl gets into next. This won't be anywhere near as long as 'A Fresh Start', being maybe 10-12 chapters total, and will take Carl up to where he recycled originally. I do, however, promise to throw in a few cliffhangers, and can definitely state that the surprises will continue. Carl and Marilyn will never live a normal and boring life, and I don't think any of us would want them to. Look for this in a few months; my work load has increased so that it is taking a bit longer to bat it out.

As to the 'dark' version of Carl I was thinking about, well, I'm still thinking. Now I am envisioning a coming of age story that will get very dark, though with a happy ending (hopefully, maybe.)

Finally, I received huge amounts of email while writing 'A Fresh Start' and enjoyed almost all of it. Unfortunately, my ISP managed to delete my email service by mistake a few months ago, and while it was rebuilt, I am sure I lost a lot of info. I have a new email account, rlfj1234@gmail.com, so please use that for any future correspondence. Thank you.