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m' muse

April 11, 2014
Posted at 8:53 am
Updated: April 11, 2014 - 9:20 am

That's me. David has a spring cold. He's pretty sick…and ill besides. So…while his brain is stuffed with cotton I'll be explaining why I think and he writes. The poor boy has onset diabetes...


Do too. Your legs are a mess…swollen, violent red, easily wounded…and for some reason…his blood sugar has never been higher than 120…and that was after a twelve pac of Mountain Dew.

It's 90 today.

Shut up…what do you know…you're sick…why aren't you asleep?

Because you can't do this on your own!!

Oh yeah…that explains it

Does doesn't it.

My writing...

Yeah sure…change the subject.

My writing has suffered because of the absence of a video card. I had several chapters worked out in HIS head but his short term memory sucks. If the poor boy had handwriting that even he could read cold…I would have at least laid out an outline.

I shake too bad.

I'm getting to that

Thank you.

His signature is unreadable now…and he's getting a headache. Damn it David…don't go to bed yet!!

Only way I can shut you up…my head hurts!