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An update

April 10, 2014
Posted at 9:44 pm


First, a reminder that voting for the Clitoride awards ends on the 15th. Go vote for your favorite story from 2013. I like how, unlike with the nominations, we have no idea how stories are doing. Us authors can't watch the numbers and despair :) Also, a reminder you can place nominations for 2014 stories already, so do that after you've read a particularly good one.

I'm working on a rather interesting project, but it could take awhile. Not that it will be long, exactly, but the process will just take time. So, you'll see it when you see it.

I have started thinking about the next Nowy Poland book. Where in the timeline it will start, some basic ideas, who the characters will be. A reader bitched at the end of Nation Forged that King James was no longer the focus, and the story should be all about him. Well, my current idea is to not tell any of the next book from his point of view. That could change, naturally, depending on the needs of the story, but I'm thinking of focusing on Felek, younger brother of Ewa, and Anelie. At least three years will have passed. Did some basic research today. I don't have an overall plot, but characters and setting always come first.

I haven't done a print or ebook version of A Nation Forged yet, but I'll probably get on that. If anyone wants to buy print versions of both books, let me know.