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No One Appreciates My Paranoia

April 9, 2014
Posted at 5:44 pm

This chapter marks a fairly significant turning point in the "Catalyst" story (rather than just in this one book). I realized that I was on a trajectory where if Alex kept harping on people being after him, that I'd have to change my planned ending to something where he ended up as a Christ like figure, essentially being crucified by the government forces after him. Since that's already been done and wanting to keep my original ending, I figured I needed to change the direction the story was heading in.

Thus in chapter 5 I had Alex realize that a military base wasn't quite as dangerous a place as he'd imagined. And in this chapter, he finally realizes that he's been allowing his paranoia to get the better of him. While he still has to be careful, constantly glancing over his shoulder was spoiling how he related to others.

I think the result (in the following chapters) represents Alex's better side, and removes at least one of the darker elements of the story.