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Finding my way

April 8, 2014
Posted at 5:00 pm

I dropped my laptop, broke it, and lost the couple chapters of Lady in Red, Book II, that I had already written a month or so ago. As I tried to reconstruct the story I had written, I realized that I was not telling the story that I wanted. I was doing a Cliff Notes version, with very little detail or emotion. I decided to stop and regroup. I'm going to tell the story I want and not try to rush something out so I can maintain reader interest. I hope to start posting again this month, but I have been very busy at my real work, so I promise nothing.

I'd like to address my fans now. You both have been wonderful, very supportive and complimentary. Seriously, I do appreciate those that take the time to read and to tell me what they like or do not like. I was too repetitive and my dialogue was stilted are the two most common criticisms. I am trying to improve those areas, but old habits die hard. Thanks again.

I also wondered if anyone would ever ask about any names, like Jack Timberline, or Jordan Quick. Jordan is a combination of Taylor Swift (Swift=Quick?) and Miley Cyrus (Original bad girl). Jack Timberline is a less cool Justin Timberlake. Clyde Davis should be obvious, or so I thought. He's a combination of Quincy Jones and Clive Davis. Sometime in the future, I'll reveal the TV actress (along with a certain SI swimsuit model) that I had in mind when I came up with Gwen. This dark haired lady has been a lead on a show for about 9 years. Gwen is more voluptuous, more athletic, and a tad more attractive (In my imagination), but this actress is even smarter (On TV), and was my inspiration. Thanks again for reading my saga.