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New "Pygmalion Revisited"

April 2, 2014
Posted at 3:27 pm

I've just uploaded the newest story in "Pygmalion Revisited." I did some adjustments at the same time, so it might or might not show up in the new posts. First, I split the previously posted story into two sections, a "Preface" that recites the Ovid version of "Pygmalion" and some details about the series, and second my own "Pygmalion." I believe a lot of people skipped the story when they saw it started with a preface and didn't note there was actually a whole story that started 800 words in.
Second, I've asked the mods to please title the stories instead of calling them Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. It makes absolutely no difference what order these chapters are read in as each one is a complete story. The new organization should have the following index: "Preface," "Pygmalion," and "Lost Wax."
That's the third thing, a completely new story in the series titled "Lost Wax." For those of you who liked the "Model Student" stories, this one crosses over with several of the same characters taking small parts. On bit player in "Model Student," the sculptor Jerome, is the focus of this story. Jerome is a year behind Tony, Melody, and Kate and is the sculptor that furnishes the crucifix for the church in "The Prodigal."
So I don't know whether this will show up as "New Story", "Update," or not get listed at all since I posted all three parts at once. We'll see when it hits the boards.